Imperial English UK Resources

  • that guide our student to achieve the highest possible IELTS bands
  • that prepares our students for entry and onto and successfully complete their UK university education at top ranking universities e.g. Imperial College London, UCL, Warwick, Birmingham University.

Birmingham College’s holistic approach and personalised services has benchmarked us as one of the best quality education providers in Birmingham.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to support our students with their development and helping them achieve their personal best in their studies and after completing our courses to attend the top ranking Universities in the UK.

As part of our support services we decided to develop our own resources and publications for students, written by experts who been teaching English language to students more than 35 years. This initiative has been well received by the students currently studying with us in the UK.

Our publication series is a direct result of

  • 15 years of teaching practice in English language & IELTS preparation courses to international students
  • Experience in teaching a diverse student body consisting of 25 countries including our overseas partners contributions

The publications have been developed based on:

  • Identifying key strengths & weakness of students
  • A careful selection of learning topics
  • IELTS focused skills development
  • Constant review, feedback and updates to make it the most suitable for our students


General English Vocabulary Bank: 5 levels

1. Beginner – Page 182   2. Elementary – Page 180

3. Pre-intermediate – Page 184   4. Intermediate – Page 188

5. Upper intermediate – Page 182

IELTS focus vocabulary bank: 21 topics

(for all levels - average 48 pages each book)

IELTS focus: Reading & Writing (for all levels) – Page 48

IELTS Speaking Flash Cards: 21 Topics

(Task 1, 2, 3 Questions – 12 Flash cards per topic)